Russian State-Linked Hackers Breach HPE’s Cloud Email System

Illustration of a bear wearing a cozy scarf, representing the cyber threat group APT29 (also known as Cozy Bear or Nobelium) believed to be associated with Russia, targeting HP (Hewlett Packard) in a hacking incident.

On January 19, 2024, Suspected hackers with ties to the Kremlin have allegedly infiltrated Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) cloud email environment, accessing and exfiltrating mailbox data. Introduction: Unveiling a Cybersecurity Crisis In May 2023, a significant breach shook the cybersecurity world, targeting a specific subset of HPE mailboxes. This breach, which remained undetected for months, […]

Kimsuky: Their Use of RDP in Controlling Systems

Kimsuky, a notorious APT group supported by North Korea, has been actively operating in the cybersecurity realm since 2013. Their evolution from targeting research institutions to a South Korean energy agency in 2014 marked a significant shift. Today, their reach extends across national defense, diplomacy, academia, and media sectors. Their mission: infiltrate systems, extract sensitive information, and acquire advanced technologies.

Advanced Persistent Threats(APT). Threat Hunting

Unveiling Advanced Techniques In the ever-changing world of threat hunting, it’s not just important to stay ahead of possible threats; it’s a must. Keeping track of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups is one of the most important problems that organizations have to deal with. These smart enemies use complicated plans to break into networks, steal […]